La Brioche True Food, Truly Good

cup of teaI had the pleasure of dining at La Brioche, 2662 University Ave, on Friday with my sister and niece.

The first thing of note was parking–not good, though we all found a spot. I had to do two tours around before I got mine and we were meeting at 1:00, so probably even worse at noon.

Once inside, the room is lovely. People were drinking tea from Hall tea pots my sister was quick to note (a collector of same). Many were seated in overstuffed chairs as the sun streamed in. The bakery was displayed in a bakery case up front to tempt us all.

We were seated in the back–still pretty but darker as it was not by the windows.

I had shitake sake soup and cherry-walnut salad–organic mixed baby greens, pecorino, balsamic vinaigrette, dried cherries and walnuts. The soup was good. There was a grainy-ness to it which I enjoyed and there was a bit of a bite as well.

My sister got the grilled cheese: sharp cheddar, pesto, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, served warm on sourdough. She was very happy with her choice and my niece got a combination which was a half veggie sandwich and a cup of the shitake soup. She was pleased with her choices as well.

We also had a piece of caramel leche cake and coffee. The coffee (including my decaf) was good. The cake was OK, not worth the price. We could see inside a window to part of the kitchen where a man frosted stunningly beautiful cakes.

All in all a great lunch. Support our local businesses and give La Brioche a try.


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  1. robin says:

    Nice review! Maybe, if you have not already done so which you may have, we should send them the link to this review. :)

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