Idiot-proof Way to Get the Money out of Politics

In a word: read. Another word: research.

It’s really pretty simple. Money is used politically to win elections. Political campaigns raise money, then spend it on TV and radio spots, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, twitter, facebook, etc. All those efforts are expended to get you to vote for the particular politician. What if none of it worked? What if, instead, we did our research and picked the BEST QUALIFIED candidate! I know it’s radical, but it just might work.

Most of the time, he who spends the most, wins the race. And that is sad, regrettable and no way at all to pick the person who would govern the best.

Currently, one does not have to go far or work hard to find the truth. If you join me in this revolution–that is, if you read and research rather than react to an ad–the money will go in another direction. The nonpartisan League of Women Voters will suddenly have an equal but opposite group called Society of Women Voters that will be highly partisan and backed by big money and will, they hope, appear in the press to be equivalent to the truly nonpartisan League of Women Voters. That will also happen to the nonpartisan Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and other similar groups.

But–it has not happened yet (on a widespread basis and so we have the chance, right now, to vote in the best candidates for the job instead of the best candidates money can buy. And if we do that, maybe we can reclaim the middle class, rebuild America and spend the billions and billions of dollars used to deceive voters to actually help American citizens. We’re in trouble here in the good ol US of A and we’re in trouble in the great state of Wisconsin. So let’s try something radical. Let’s not let money buy the next elections. Let’s take a step towards getting the money out of politics. Because if we read and research what is truly going on, and who the candidates really are, we’ll be more involved, more aware, and less likely to sit by as big money literally buys the air we breathe.


  • League of Women Voters, Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
  • WDC’s Campaign Database
  • ALEC Exposed - Through the corporate-funded American Legislative Exchange Council, global corporations and state politicians vote behind closed doors to try to rewrite state laws that govern your rights. These so-called “model bills” reach into almost every area of American life and often directly benefit huge corporations.
  • The Center for Media and Democracy publishes SourceWatch, this collaborative resource for citizens and journalists looking for documented information about the corporations, industries, and people trying to influence public policy and public opinion. We believe in telling the truth about the most powerful interests in society—not just relating their self-serving press releases or letting real facts be bleached away by spin.


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