Make Your Own Baggie Dryer

plastic bags dryingGreen living is a goal for me, and there are some pretty good products on the market to help with that. Still, I’ve come across some items that, while they serve the purpose, the frugal side of me stops to pause when I see the price tag.

Plastic bag dryers are a perfect case in point. These are those handy, if somewhat unnecessary, little wooden contraptions that allow you to hang open plastic baggies upside down to dry. Most are simply wood dowels stuck in a wooden base. I’ve seen a few more elaborate models with wire and metal clips but basically…it’s just sticks in a base.

plastic bag dryerThe cost is a bit much, really. Most are $15, a few as high as twice that much! Handy as these can be, I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t spend that much money on something that seems so easy to make.

A search of the web revealed I’m not the only frugalista out there who thinks DIY is the way to go on this. Here’s a round-up of my favorite solutions:

  • Jar + chopsticks + rice or beans —Fill a nice big jar with rice or beans and stick some chop sticks in and viola!
  • Oversized cocktail glass + bamboo skewers + colored layers of aquarium gravel — A high-style version of the above. Be sure to put a towel under these to catch the drips.
  • Tinker Toys + tall drinking glass + salt or sand — This idea came from the Thrifty Knitter blog, and it makes a whimsical display.
  • Play-Doh or clay + thin wood dowels — Play-Doh is easy to mold and will dry hard but the water may be a problem. If you’re into hand building and working in clay, you could craft your own base with holes for dowels, even create a tray around it to catch the drips. I once made a ten-person toothbrush holder for my co-op at the time.
  • Small pots + plants and dirt + bent wire sticks or dowels — This one is my favorite. Not only do you dry your bags but the water can drip into your plants!

Creative and cheap!




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