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La Brioche True Food, Truly Good

I had the pleasure of dining at La Brioche, 2662 University Ave, on Friday with my sister and niece. The first thing of note was parking–not good, though we all found a spot. I had to do two tours around before … Continue reading

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Say No to Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is any place that puppies are abused. This can be a breeder who keeps their dogs in cramped cages, unclean conditions and various other abuses. They are usually playing a numbers game, trying to sell lots of … Continue reading

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Violet Art Studio: Accessible Art

I spent a productive afternoon making prints at Violet Art Studio, 223 E. Mifflin St. We bought the class through a groupon a few weeks ago–half off a two-hour printing class. All supplies were there and  you could use anything … Continue reading

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Make Kitty–and Yourself–Happy With Wheatberries

It’s so easy to grow your own cat grass, provided you can get the grains. Wheat berry is what I use and I am able to get them locally at Willy Street Coop. Fill a shallow container about half full … Continue reading

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