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Why Do They Want to Turn Wisconsin into a Red State?

Red states have lower ACT scores. Red states have higher infant mortality. Red states have more McJobs, less good jobs. Red states have lower taxes and lower standards of living (the two correlate positively). Red states incarcerate more of their … Continue reading

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Craftacular this Weekend–Don’t Miss it!

The fab Craftacular is this Sunday, July 24th from 10-5 at the lakefront Eastside Club on Madison’s East side (3735 Monona Drive). Free parking, an ATM, free Wi-Fi and don’t forget the Tiki bar in the backyard. Some of the … Continue reading

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Biking is Easier than Ever in Madison

I went to Montreal last summer and loved the city as I always do. Something new I noticed were stands of rental bikes at various strategic places around the city. How convenient, urban and cool. Wish we could be so … Continue reading

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Wringer Washers Rock! Save Water, Energy and Money!

I’ve long had a fascination with the old wringer washers. I can still recall the sounds of our upstairs neighbor’s machine, whirr, clunk, brrrrr and the fresh smells of washing powder and soap on wash day. Hers was electric but … Continue reading

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La Fete de Marquette this Weekend!

The Sixth annual La Fete de Marquette kicks off July 7th at South Dickinson and East Washington, sponsored by Willy Street Coop. I saw the tents as I sailed past on the bus this am. The line up looks good–check … Continue reading

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My Take on Cacey or Kaley or Kathy

I am honestly not sure of all the first names involved and I cannot believe the media can get away with wall-to-wall coverage of a Florida family’s tragedy. Really? When the verdict came in the station I listen to called … Continue reading

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Not in Love With Kale?

It even looks healthy. But you know how good it is for you? And it is good for you. It provides more nutrition per calorie than any other food. Kale is a cruciferous vegetable–sometimes called super veggies–because they contain phytochemicals, … Continue reading

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