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Save Energy and Keep Warm This Winter

I have an old house. I love the style and character, but along with that comes some inefficiencies. There is no insulation in the walls and the windows are old with many air leaks. You can feel it in the … Continue reading

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Flu Shot Season

About this time each year, I start getting emails about flu shots. I can get the shot free at work or I can get it at my health care provider. So far, I have not taken advantage of either one. … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Low Prices

“My mother always said don’t use your good scissors on anything but cloth,” a friend admonished me as I cut a piece of plastic with my scissors. “I have other scissors.” I told her. “Good point. That was my mom’s … Continue reading

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Canning–a Jarring Experience

“My boyfriend is taking up canning,” a friend told me, “only he’s using jars.” My parents “canned” food during my childhood so I guess the word canning did not stand out to me. It was less common in recent years, … Continue reading

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Baaaack to the Source

The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival has been going on this weekend, and we’re very sorry we missed it for our calendar—but it’s still on today, Sunday, until 3:30 pm. Held at the Jefferson County Fair Grounds, the event is … Continue reading

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The Great Time Suck? Yes, but…

Blogging has been fun this week but as I sat down to write today’s post, I just had to check my email first. Big mistake. I receive about 50-100 emails a day—and, I feel compelled to deal with them. Email … Continue reading

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Good to the Last Drop

Frugal Friday is here, and it’s got me thinking of my constant battle to use every last bit of whatever I buy. It’s a battle I don’t always win but I keep sluggin’ along. Bottles, jars and cans are fairly … Continue reading

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A Mash-up Not to Be Missed

Tonight! The People’s Media Mash at High Noon Saloon kicks off Fighting Bob Fest, that annual gathering of the progressives over in Baraboo set for this Saturday (Sept. 11). The People’s Media Mash is a new event added to the … Continue reading

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Don’t Pop Your Top! Recycle It!

Plastic bottle caps can now be recycled along with your plastic bottles! News from the Madison Streets and Recycling Department last week—as long as you screw the top back on the bottle, you can recycle both plastic top and bottle. … Continue reading

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Happy Labor Day

Who would have thought it would be a 12-year fight to be able to teach labor history in the Wisconsin schools. We are the first state to pass such legislation. Why would anyone oppose it? For the same reasons they … Continue reading

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