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Know your polling place and voting rights

The presidential election is less than a month away. Redistricting and attempts to change how we vote in Wisconsin have some in the electorate confused, so we’re setting the record straight. Help spread the word and inform voters, or you … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping Madison-style

Holiday season is just around the corner, and I know simple living folks will be looking for ways to make them simple and meaningful. Still, shopping can be fun, if you chose the right venue and know that your purchases … Continue reading

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Madison has a Local Radio Host (Again)

I used to love listening to Lee Rayburn on the Mic radio, even though it was a little early for me. It was a sad day when Lee left Madison and we lost a local radio host on commercial radio. … Continue reading

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The New Voter ID Law (and Information Sessions)

Part of the Walker Administration’s efforts at permanent republican rule included a law to make it harder for people to vote. There is a challenge to this by The League of Women Voters, however, we will still have to comply … Continue reading

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Little Libraries—Look for Them

I walk every day, sometimes twice a day and sometimes on my walks I find myself on North Street. I was walking on Hoard several weeks ago, and as I crossed North St. I saw a little structure, sort of … Continue reading

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Again we must start by saying that this is not a political blog, but it is a Madison blog and right now, Madison is ground zero for workers’ rights, the progressive movement and the effort to stop the race to … Continue reading

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