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Re-Art Swap at Absolutely Art (June 26)

Got art supplies? Some you don’t need? Check out the re-art swap. I’m not sure when I went to my first art swap, but it quickly became an addiction. It was held in the yard behind Absolutely Art and Cafe … Continue reading

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A Raised-Bed Garden in the Back Yard

My neighbors have been working on raised beds along the fence that separates their yard and the next neighbor over and I’ve become inspired to create my own raised beds. The main advantage as I see it is that you … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning: Airing Out and Breathing In

Ah, spring cleaning! Opening windows to let the warm breeze in. Shaking off dust of winter! I look forward to it each year even if I’m not actually very good at it. Spring cleaning became popular way back when we … Continue reading

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Bicycling in Winter? It’s Madison!

It’s that time of year, and believe or not for a lot of Madison bicycle commuters it’s business as usual. In fact, check out the Madison Bike Winter on Facebook for winter bike rides and comradarie. I hear they’re planning … Continue reading

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Time to Think about CSAs

Community supported agriculture (CSA) continues to thrive in our area with a variety of farms and food offerings. I love that we can support local farmers who continue to struggle due to factory farms and “cheap” food, the economy and … Continue reading

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Keeping the Get Fit Resolution

Getting in shape or losing weight is America’s number one New Year’s resolution, and I must admit I definitely join the masses on that one. Helping us keep that resolution has become a huge business. From weight loss cures to … Continue reading

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Simple Living Christmas: A Craftacular Report

Simple living at holiday time can be a challenge with the pull of all the corporate Christmas glitz and glam.  Fortunately, I’ve found the best, most heartfelt and unique gifts without ever stepping foot in a big box store or … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Low Prices

“My mother always said don’t use your good scissors on anything but cloth,” a friend admonished me as I cut a piece of plastic with my scissors. “I have other scissors.” I told her. “Good point. That was my mom’s … Continue reading

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The Great Time Suck? Yes, but…

Blogging has been fun this week but as I sat down to write today’s post, I just had to check my email first. Big mistake. I receive about 50-100 emails a day—and, I feel compelled to deal with them. Email … Continue reading

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