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Climate Change: Feeling the Heat in Madison

  As we hit yet another record day of 100+ degree weather, I huddle in my living room hoping my little room air conditioner will hold out and keep the room at a tolerable 85. The grass has turned to … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke and A New Era of Fighting for Basic Rights

Whether Rush Limbaugh is uninformed or whether he just wanted to call law student Sandra Fluke names isn’t clear, but it’s conceivable that he actually believes that birth control is the same as Viagra and that you take it in … Continue reading

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Saying Thank You: Small Gesture, Big Impact

Saying “thank you” can be as subtle as a pat on the back or as bold as a parade, but I will go out on a limb here and say, no matter how you do it, it will never, ever … Continue reading

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The New Voter ID Law (and Information Sessions)

Part of the Walker Administration’s efforts at permanent republican rule included a law to make it harder for people to vote. There is a challenge to this by The League of Women Voters, however, we will still have to comply … Continue reading

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Why Do They Want to Turn Wisconsin into a Red State?

Red states have lower ACT scores. Red states have higher infant mortality. Red states have more McJobs, less good jobs. Red states have lower taxes and lower standards of living (the two correlate positively). Red states incarcerate more of their … Continue reading

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My Take on Cacey or Kaley or Kathy

I am honestly not sure of all the first names involved and I cannot believe the media can get away with wall-to-wall coverage of a Florida family’s tragedy. Really? When the verdict came in the station I listen to called … Continue reading

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Again we must start by saying that this is not a political blog, but it is a Madison blog and right now, Madison is ground zero for workers’ rights, the progressive movement and the effort to stop the race to … Continue reading

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Simple Living by Choice not Necessity

I just can’t let this one go today so I’m going to add my voice to the cacophony of outrage across the country. While living simply is what we’re all about here, it is VOLUNTARY simplicity—making good choices for our … Continue reading

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