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Sandra Fluke and A New Era of Fighting for Basic Rights

Whether Rush Limbaugh is uninformed or whether he just wanted to call law student Sandra Fluke names isn’t clear, but it’s conceivable that he actually believes that birth control is the same as Viagra and that you take it in … Continue reading

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La Brioche True Food, Truly Good

I had the pleasure of dining at La Brioche, 2662 University Ave, on Friday with my sister and niece. The first thing of note was parking–not good, though we all found a spot. I had to do two tours around before … Continue reading

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Say No to Puppy Mills

A puppy mill is any place that puppies are abused. This can be a breeder who keeps their dogs in cramped cages, unclean conditions and various other abuses. They are usually playing a numbers game, trying to sell lots of … Continue reading

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Violet Art Studio: Accessible Art

I spent a productive afternoon making prints at Violet Art Studio, 223 E. Mifflin St. We bought the class through a groupon a few weeks ago–half off a two-hour printing class. All supplies were there and  you could use anything … Continue reading

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Make Kitty–and Yourself–Happy With Wheatberries

It’s so easy to grow your own cat grass, provided you can get the grains. Wheat berry is what I use and I am able to get them locally at Willy Street Coop. Fill a shallow container about half full … Continue reading

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Idiot-proof Way to Get the Money out of Politics

In a word: read. Another word: research. It’s really pretty simple. Money is used politically to win elections. Political campaigns raise money, then spend it on TV and radio spots, direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, twitter, facebook, etc. All those … Continue reading

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Madison has a Local Radio Host (Again)

I used to love listening to Lee Rayburn on the Mic radio, even though it was a little early for me. It was a sad day when Lee left Madison and we lost a local radio host on commercial radio. … Continue reading

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End of the Growing Season? Not!

I had a pepper plant in my garden that seemed promising all year long, but all I’ve had to eat from the plant were two miniature red bell peppers. Yummy but small, and this was not a miniature pepper plant. … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Book Festival: Spaghetti Corners Author Event

The Wisconsin Book Festival is going on now through Sunday, and as always, there are many great events–far too many to mention. I am highlighting one of the events because I happen to know this author and her work. If … Continue reading

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Simplify Your Closet and You Simplify Your Life

When we think of simplicity, we don’t always think about simplifying clothing or wardrobes, but taking care of clothes takes a lot of time. Imagine a closet in which clothes are easy to see and find. And when you take … Continue reading

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