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Water Rights Stolen in a Budget

Most people have heard about some of the appalling items that were slipped into the Wisconsin budget last week. It’s actually hard to list them all. But of particular concern to me, is the item that was slipped in by … Continue reading

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End-of-Year Charitable Giving

Yesterday I sat down to decide how much to donate to tax-exempt organizations before 2012 ends. Each year I become aware of new organizations that I think are doing important work, but I don’t want to forget the old standbys … Continue reading

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The Season of Giving

That is a loaded phrase. It immediately induces worry, stress, guilt, anticipation, wistfulness and sometimes joy. There really are no guidelines to gift giving, but there are strategies. Below are some that have been tried by my clan. Exchange. This … Continue reading

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Know your polling place and voting rights

The presidential election is less than a month away. Redistricting and attempts to change how we vote in Wisconsin have some in the electorate confused, so we’re setting the record straight. Help spread the word and inform voters, or you … Continue reading

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Fall is in the Air, Chili Anyone?

Finally. While we’ve had cool nights for a while now, it was still getting into the 80s during the afternoon. After a record-breaking summer and a drought that has caused great distress to many Wisconsin farmers, I’m ready for fall … Continue reading

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Something Sweet to Beat the Heat

Well, ice cream may not beat the heat, but it helps tolerate it. I wouldn’t think of Weary Traveler (1201 Willy Street) for ice cream (love their tom yum soup though), but they have started to serve it. We were … Continue reading

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Weekends are for rejuvenation, riding and rallies

Well, rejuvenation is a nice idea, but rarely happens for me, except that I sleep in. But this weekend, I hope that Madisonians will try to get a little R and R. We have been through a lot these past … Continue reading

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Stinging Nettle, an Excellent Spring Herb

To many, nettle is a pest, a weed. And it actually does need to be handled carefully or it will sting, true to the name. But it is also a wonderful herb. And cheap–you might have some in your back … Continue reading

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Is Olive Oil Always Best? You Might be Surprised

I was formerly of the opinion that olive oil was the best oil, very good for us, almost a cure all–and that I should use it whenever I was going to use oil. I’ve since learned that it’s not quite … Continue reading

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World Water Week: March 20-26

Because we have plenty of clean water to drink, we don’t often think of the global water crisis, which is part of the reason that world water week exists. It helps to remind us of this very precious commodity that … Continue reading

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